Mandate of the SIB Award Committee

The committee’s mandate is to highlight outstanding achievements of bioinformaticians and to promote the important role of bioinformatics as a scientific discipline. Concretely, their activities consist in:

  • Oversee the Bioinformatics Awards every two years, including the Early Career Bioinformatician Award, the Swiss Bioinformatics Graduate Paper Award, and the Bioinformatics Resource Innovation Award.
  • Select the SIB Remarkable Outputs, that recognizes up to ten outstanding research outputs produced by SIB Members each year.
  • Nominate SIB Members for other national or international awards related to recognizing excellence in and contributions to bioinformatics and computational biology.

Meet the SIB Award Committee

AwardComm waterhouse      

Robert Waterhouse, Chair


AwardComm beerenwinkel AwardComm bergmann AwardComm Cascione AwardComm falquet

Niko Beerenwinkel

Sven Bergmann

Luciano Cascione


Laurent Falquet

AwardComm ivanek AwardComm Lisacek AwardComm palagi AwardComm soneson  
Robert Ivanek Frédérique Lisacek


Patricia Palagi


Charlotte Soneson