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Meeting your bioinformatics needs
From one-off services to long-term collaborative support

As a leading independent scientific foundation specialized in life science data, we provide sound, objective and results-oriented professional services and solutions to academics, clinical and industry partners in Switzerland and abroad. More about our 360° approach

We assist you at all stages of discovery

Our experience spans the discovery steps following the generation of data, from R&D to applications. We a leverage our national network of over 80 research and service groups to complement our core strengths and connect you with the right experts.

We make sense of life science data

We are data science experts, software developers, biocurators and computational biologists. We all share the same passion for data and the latest associated technologies. We believe that good data science needs a strong understanding of the nature of the data and the processes behind. The biological and biomedical data we regularly handle include:

  1. Clinical (collected in routine, from clinical trials or cohorts)
  2. Mass cytometry (CyTOF)
  3. Mass spectrometry
  4. Molecular imaging
  5. Multiomics and spatial analyses: genomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, microbiomics
  6. Nanostring and protein arrays
  7. Single-cell and bulk RNAseq, TCRseq, CITEseq, ChIPseq, ATACseq
  8. Text

and more.

We help bringing innovation and health forward with a service offering across sectors

We have over 20 years of experience in successfully delivering data science services to the academic and private sector, from collaborating in large European public-private partnerships to engaging in contracts or Innosuisse schemes with biotech/biomed start-ups, SMEs, pharma companies and hospitals. The applications of our work span oncology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis, aging and more.

Explore our services
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Biostatistics &
bioinformatics analysis
Making sense of life science data
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Data stewardship & management
Organizing data for long-term reuse
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Sensitive data sharing
Enabling research on human data
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Software development
Developing engaging and customized tools
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Expert biocuration
Generating high-quality, up-to-date annotations
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Boosting bioinformatics skills
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Knowledge representation
Bringing more meaning to data
Our Approach: collaborative, independent and reliable
We turn our in-depth expertise into integrated solutions, in line with your goals and quality assurance, legal or regulatory constraints.
What they say about us
GeneSupport - Bernard Conrad, President & CSO Genetics Medisupport

“SIB’s contribution was critical. Each of the SIB experts had at least 10 years’ experience in bioinformatics, which was very helpful for developing the algorithms used...”

Fasteris - Laurent Farinelli, CEO

“The non-invasive prenatal test for detecting rare chromosomal anomalies, such as Down’s Syndrome, during pregnancy, helped transform Fasteris into a medical diagnostics company...”

Precision for Medicine
Precision for Medicine - Jérôme Wojcik, Senior Vice President, Translational Informatics and Biometrics, Europe

“For our activities, focused on precision medicine, we benefit from the talent pool and the dense and highly qualified network of SIB experts...”

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) - Thomas A. McKee, Associate Physician and Unit Manager, Clinical Pathology Service

“Collaborating with SIB has been a clear positive for our laboratory. The OncoBench(R)** programme that we developed together has greatly simplified our workflows...”

EMBL - Theodore Alexandrov, Head of Metabolomics

“The strong commitment of the SwissLipids team to improving this service, making it sustainable, providing it in a user-friendly way and linking it to other major bioinformatics resources...”

LipoType GmbH - Kai Simons, CEO

“Although still relatively new, SwissLipids has the potential to become one of the leading references in lipidomics and lipid biology, providing researchers with free access...”

Amazentis - Chris Rinsch, CEO and Co-Founder

“We pride ourselves on insisting on the highest standards of scientific rigour and the SIB proved to be an outstanding partner...”

Zora - Mika Hilvo, Head of Bioinformatics

“SwissLipids provides a unique means to represent lipid data in a comprehensively annotated form that is directly usable by our clients...”

Precision for Medicine
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About SIB
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an academic not-for-profit organization whose mission is to lead and coordinate the field of bioinformatics in Switzerland. Its data science experts join forces to advance biological and medical research and enhance health.
Quartier Sorge - Batiment Amphipole
1015 Lausanne / Switzerland
Tel: +41 21 692 40 50
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