Find out about the current status of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) – a project of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) and SIB -, its perspectives and goals for the next funding period, and its impact on society - from citizens and researchers to hospitals and partners.

“Since 2017, SPHN has developed over 70 infrastructures, technologies and methods enabling researchers and clinicians to safely use large sets of health data in a responsible, ethical and legal manner”, says Urs Frey, Chairperson National Steering Board SPHN, SAMS.

Dive into the key challenges SPHN is facing to create such a harmonized pool of quality health information, and how they are being addressed, for instance through the BioMedIT network, setup by SIB. Some of the FAIR infrastructures being built to last for the next generations of researchers, as well as examples of projects investigating cancer, sepsis or patient consent, are also featured.

“The network we are collectively building to empower data-driven medicine and research in Switzerland is designed to last. And thanks to the efforts of all partners across the ecosystem, we are on the right path to ensuring its long-term sustainability,” concludes Katrin Crameri, Director, SIB Personalized Health Informatics Group.

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