December publications

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SHAPEIT4: an algorithm for large-scale genomic analysis

Researchers from UNIL, UNIGE and SIB provide the researchers’ community with an extremely powerful computer tool to facilitate the interpretation of the genome’s Big Data

Latest Protein Spotlight: Dropping barriers

One promising attempt to shift A, B and AB blood types to the 'universal' O blood type involves bacteria from our gut microbiome, and two enzymes: a D-galactosamine deacetylase and a D-galactosamine galactosaminidase.

A Bioinformatics intersection at LS2 - Life Science Switzerland

Are you interested in bioinformatics but not affiliated to an SIB Group? Become a member of the LS2 society and benefit from specific advantages.

Season's greetings and our very best wishes for 2020!

Looking at sequencing through HD lenses. There is a lot of talk about sequencing these days. Until recently, it meant extracting bulk information from a sample. Today, however, sequencing can be done at the single cell level – a revolution!

TASmania – A new resource for microbiologists

Uncover known – as well as yet uncharacterized - Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in your bacterial genomes, with this discovery pipeline and database

[BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2019: the movie

A short film to revisit the 14th [BC]2 Conference – one of the key bioinformatics events in Europe, which is organized by SIB – around the theme of Big Data in Molecular Medicine.

SwissOrthology – Your one-stop shop for orthologs

A new tool and web-platform bringing together leading orthology SIB resources to take the pain out of your evolutionary inference or functional annotation analyses