‘I now want to become a laboratory assistant in biology or chemistry!’ Bringing science to the public can have several secondary effects... as a young visitor to the SIB booth found out during the University of Lausanne Open House. Under the guidance of SIB scientists, training and outreach officers, the ‘Draw me a new drug’ activities allowed participants to discover how bioinformatics can be used nowadays to design a drug. These activities were developed in collaboration with the SIB Molecular Modelling Group.
At the Night of the Museums, SIB and the Bioscope introduced metagenomics to visitors by asking them to unravel the different constituents of a birthday cake using the ingredients’ DNA and bioinformatics tools. And the magic continued until well after bedtime...

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A successful baptism of fire for several new activities around drug design at the University of Lausanne Open House (Mystères de l’UNIL):

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Introduction to the metagenomics of a birthday cake at the Night of the Museums:

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