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Bernard Conrad, President & CSO Genetics Medisupport

“SIB’s contribution was critical. Each of the SIB experts had at least 10 years’ experience in bioinformatics, which was very helpful for developing the algorithms used. The physical proximity of SIB to the other partners in Switzerland helped the team to come together quickly and made close working possible.”

Laurent Farinelli, CEO

“The non-invasive prenatal test for detecting rare chromosomal anomalies, such as Down’s Syndrome, during pregnancy, helped transform Fasteris into a medical diagnostics company and established its future direction and growth. Its software was a fantastic product, a very fruitful collaboration, and a tremendous leap forward for all the partners. It was a very successful project: a win-win for all the partners and from all perspectives – both commercially and scientifically.”

Martin Ebeling, Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development, Biomarkers, Bioinformatics and Omics

“SIB has become a de facto standard for the research community as a whole – there is a level of trust that is not matched by any competitor. In our pharma research initiatives, we use information from SIB databases and tap into its outstanding expert biocuration capabilities and its training offer. The SIB network of individuals is as important as the data it provides.”

Precision for Medicine
Precision for Medicine
Jérôme Wojcik, Senior Vice President, Translational Informatics and Biometrics, Europe

“For our activities, focused on precision medicine, we benefit from the talent pool and the dense and highly qualified network of SIB experts, with whom we have fruitfully collaborated and delivered training over the years.”

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)
Thomas A. McKee, Associate Physician and Unit Manager, Clinical Pathology Service

“Collaborating with SIB has been a clear positive for our laboratory. The OncoBench ® programme that we developed together has greatly simplified our workflows and increased our efficiency, while preserving the security of our patients’ personal data.”

Theodore Alexandrov, Head of Metabolomics

“The strong commitment of the SwissLipids team to improving this service, making it sustainable, providing it in a user-friendly way and linking it to other major bioinformatics resources, such as UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, makes SwissLipids an essential resource for lipidomics and applications in biology.”

LipoType GmbH
Kai Simons, CEO

“Although still relatively new, SwissLipids has the potential to become one of the leading references in lipidomics and lipid biology, providing researchers with free access to the type of high-quality, expert-curated information that is the hallmark of Swiss-Prot. There is no other database that performs the functions that SwissLipids aims to include in its package.”

Chris Rinsch, CEO and Co-Founder

“We pride ourselves on insisting on the highest standards of scientific rigour and the SIB proved to be an outstanding partner. Its leading expertise in bioinformatics and unique position as a not-for-profit organization made it an ideal partner for our first in-human clinical trial, which resulted in one of the highest-ranked publications to date in Nature Metabolism.”

Mika Hilvo, Head of Bioinformatics

“SwissLipids provides a unique means to represent lipid data in a comprehensively annotated form that is directly usable by our clients and can be easily linked with other data types and bioinformatics resources.”

ENYO Pharma SA
Laurène Meyniel-Schicklin, Co-Founder

“The collaboration allowed us to make the protein-protein interaction data from ENYO easily discoverable to all, through the fantastic knowledge platform dedicated to human proteins that is neXtProt. We are happy to contribute to enabling their use by all researchers studying and interpreting protein networks in health and disease.”

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