This programme is the result of a Leenaards Fundation funding initiative for personalized health, to which Canal 9, SIB, UNIL and CHUV successfully applied.

'Personalized health, health tailor-made" is a documentary (in French) that was produced as part of a winning project of the Leenaards Foundation's Personalized Health and Society initiative. At the heart of the project, one goal: to enable the general public to gain a better understanding of personalized medicine in the field of cancer.

The project also highlights the crucial role of bioinformatics in the development of personalized medicine, whether in terms of tumour DNA analysis, identification of genetic mutations or research into therapeutic molecules.

Besides the 25-min TV documentary, the project also includes short outreach videos on the advances in research and medicine in personalized oncology as well as a booklet for the public and popular science articles. 

The project "Tales of personalized medicine" is the result of a collaboration between:


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