ELIXIR SWITZERLAND logo websiteUniProt is a comprehensive protein resource, produced in collaboration with PIR (USA) and EMBL-EBI (UK), and for which SIB’s Swiss-Prot Group is providing the majority of the expert- curated content. This world reference resource for protein sequence and functional information receives over 900,000 requests per month.

Ioannis Xenarios, SIB group leader and co-principal investigator of UniProt: “UniProt provides a gold standard reference of protein sequences and functional annotation which is used by thousands of biomedical researchers worldwide on a daily basis. We are delighted that UniProt has been recognized as an ELIXIR Core Resource and look forward to shaping the development of UniProt in collaboration with our partners in the UniProt Consortium at PIR and EMBL-EBI.”

Proteins rarely act in isolation in an organism, and the STRING knowledgebase provides in- depth information on protein-protein interactions. It is developed by SIB’s Bioinformatics / Systems Biology Group, in collaboration with EMBL (Germany) and University of Copenhagen (Denmark).
Christian von Mering, SIB group leader and co-principal investigator of STRING: “We see the main value of the STRING database in its capacity to integrate and score interaction information, both for predicted as well as for experimentally determined protein-protein interactions. It is very encouraging that the essential contribution of such data integration to the life sciences is valued and recognized."

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