SIB Technology Group: Competences and Results

The SIB Technology group is in charge of optimising the coordination of SIB technology-related activities. The group works in close cooperation with SIB's infrastructure providers and competence centres - in particular with Vital-IT/Swiss-Prot and sciCORE - to combine forces wherever necessary and practical. Additionally, the group advises SIB on technology-related matters. A particular focus is on web and Internet technologies since SIB offers many of its internationally known resources via the world-wide web ( An overview of the technological competence areas of the group is given as well as results of (web) applications developed in co-operation with various SIB groups.

SIB and SIB Technology

Our mandate

  • SIB-wide coordination of technical topics
  • Knowledge and technology exchange between SIB groups
  • Software design, development, test and operation for SIB and with its groups

Who we are

  • SIB Technology group was created based on expertise in SIB Web Team
  • Works in tight collaboration with core facilities such as Vital-IT/Swiss-Prot, sciCORE etc.
  • Combined expertise and knowledge with SIB groups
  • Allows to take SIB-wide approaches with support of several groups
  • Links to national and international infrastructure (such as eSCT, ELIXIR etc.)

What we can do for you

  • Contact point for technical topics that are of SIB-wide interest
  • Design and develop software applications
  • Strong expertise in web applications
  • We provide link between developers and system administrators
  • Tap into SIB knowledge by linking with various groups

How we can help

We can work with you on end-to-end product development or individual topics listed above.

Some of our latest projects

Want to be on the map? Send us your project ideas and suggestions.

  • Proposals will be evaluated by Technology board based on: Scientific impact, benefit for the SIB, capacity building and knowledge exchange