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Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, 7-8 June 2016

About Biel

Biel is the biggest bilingual city in Switzerland and the world capital for watchmaking.
Biel is the gateway to the Seeland region and to the Jura mountains, is also the center of the largest continuous lake and river system in Switzerland, with unspoiled nature and beautiful countryside all around.

The old town, the jewel of Biel

This was where the Romans worshipped the God "Benelus" for many centuries. Incidentally, Biel/Bienne owes its name to this Roman deity. The Ring is the oldest square in our town, as you walk around here you will discover a magnificent, magical, romantic and peaceful place.

Source: Biel Seeland Tourism

The CentrePasquArt

The CentrePasquArt shows temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The centre is a place for innovative work and encourages artists to develop for their exhibitions. The Photo forum, the Film podium, the espace libre and the Kunstverein Biel are also on the Museum's premises.

Source: Biel Seeland Tourism

St. Peter’s Island

"Of all the places where I have stayed (and there have been some lovely ones), none has left me as truly happy as St. Peter’s Island. I was only able to spend a couple of months on the island, but I would have spent two years, two centuries or even an eternity there without ever being bored."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, writer and philosopher.

Source: Biel Seeland Tourism

Watch-making industry in Biel

Since the 19th century, Biel has been an industrial and watchmaking city.The New Museum Biel has a permanent exhibition "Biel/Bienne – Ville horlogère et industrielle" which illustrates, among other things, the manufacturing of watches. The Omega museum shows some of the most famous watches of the brand as well as the workplace of a watchmaker.

Source: Biel Seeland Tourism