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  • Towards a national curriculum for life science Data Stewards

    SIB has joined forces with the University of Lausanne and several Swiss institutions to launch a new project to foster training and a national curriculum for Data Stewards, and is in charge of the life science part.

  • “The flexibility offered by SIB is quite unique”- an interview with Monique Zahn, Biodata Resources Support Manager

    “The flexibility offered by SIB is quite unique”: find out more on the themes of learning and development at the institute and meet Monique Zahn, at SIB since 2012 and who recently took on a new role as Biodata Resources Support Manager, in...

  • A tool to widen access to resources of glycobiology

    Discover a method to automatically generates queries and democratize glycoinformatics.

  • A database using machine learning to decipher peptides for T cell recognition

    The ‘MHC motif atlas’ interprets data to understand binding specificities. in silico talks – The latest in bioinformatics, by SIB Scientists

  • Step in the shoes of scientists to solve ancient Greek mysteries

    Find out what can be learnt from studying ancient DNA.

  • MS-GUIDE: A biomarker discovery and translation strategy

    Acceleration of biomarker identification to improve clinical diagnostics.

  • Adding cell images from SwissBiopics to your resource: why and how

    Discover a library of interactive cell images for the visualization of subcellular location data.

  • AI-powered extraction of biomedical relationships from the literature

    To understand and fight melanoma, it is essential to identify the genes involved in it. What if such information could be automatically retrieved and annotated from the vast research literature? In this in silico talk, SIB Group Leader Fabio...

  • The quest for small-molecule cancer immunotherapeutics

    If you are working in computer-aided drug design, this in silico talk is for you: SIB Senior Research Scientist Ute Röhrig takes you on a journey to push the boundaries of knowledge around IDO1 and its role in immunotherapy resistance.

  • Happy Evolution Day! And a new website to celebrate…

    Today marks the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s famous work ‘On the Origin of Species’, published on 24 November 1859. And how best to celebrate evolutionary biology than through stories showing some of the real-life implications...

  • Fast and automated interpretation of single-cell RNA-seq data

    If you are a researcher using single-cell transcriptomics to study immunology-related problems, you are probably on the lookout for a way to efficiently characterize cell states. This in silico talk presents a powerful tool (ProjecTILs) and...

  • SNSF’s Optimus Agora prize 2021 goes to “In the light of evolution”

    How to popularize evolution and phylogenetics? The new project “In the light of evolution” aims to foster greater public interest as well as a practical understanding of this fundamental but rather abstract theme.

  • Meet the past SIB Awards Laureates – Gioele La Manno

  • Frédéric Schütz's group

    What we do The Biostatistics platform of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at UNIL acts as a main entry point for questions related to biostatistics and data analysis. The platform delivers services which cover the entire scientific process...

  • Christian Panse's group

    What we do The responsibility of the proteome informatics at the FGCZ is to evaluate and provide services to the mass spectrometry scientists at our center, ranging from sample annotation, data archiving, processing, analysis, visualization up to...

  • Latest SIB Profile: explore a year of Swiss bioinformatics

    Welcome to the latest activity report of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. To get a sense of its diverse nationwide community of Data scientists for life, across 80 Groups and top institutions in Switzerland, simply start browsing!

  • Putting FAIR principles into action for multi-omics

    Are you working with multi-omics and aiming to make the generated data shareable and reusable? Find out what it entails and some of the tools that may help.

  • Towards a data management toolkit for life scientists

    SIB is one of the 29 research institutes across 22 European countries to be part of ELIXIR-CONVERGE, a project funded by the European Commission to help standardize life science data management across Europe to drive good data management,...

  • Enkelejda Miho's group

    What we do Our group’s overall research focuses in the emerging field of artificial intelligence applied to health. Health data is generated from a variety of sources and comprises molecular profiles, medical records, digital biomarkers and social...

  • TASmania – A new resource for microbiologists

    Uncover known – as well as yet uncharacterized - Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in your bacterial genomes, with this discovery pipeline and database

  • SwissOrthology – Your one-stop shop for orthologs

    A new tool and web-platform bringing together leading orthology SIB resources to take the pain out of your evolutionary inference or functional annotation analyses

  • An inordinate fondness for beetles, or an arms race with plants?

    A behind-the-scenes look at a recent paper on the origin of beetle biodiversity, and the bioinformatics tools used along the way.

  • Mind the sugars – Of the importance of glycans in vaccine design and viral infection

    SIB Group Leader Frédérique Lisacek, glycoinformatician, and Philippe Le Mercier, molecular virologist, present a dynamic view of their recent joint paper on this topic and provide a tour d’horizon of the tools developed at SIB that can be used to...

  • V-Pipe: an SIB Resource to mine viral genomes and improve clinical diagnostics

    SIB Group Leader Niko Beerenwinkel at ETH Zurich introduces V-Pipe, a new end-to-end pipeline tool to mine viral genomes and improve clinical diagnostics.

  • Phylogenetic trees: what do they really mean?

    Phylogenetic trees built from the genomes of strains of a bacterial species do not mean what most people think they do. This is what Erik van Nimwegen, SIB Group Leader and Associate Professor in Computational Systems Biology at the Biozentrum...

  • January Virtual Seminar by Claire Clivaz: an interview

    Digging deeper into the human experienceIn the recent years, bioinformatics has crept into the arts and humanities. Software tools initially developed for the life sciences are being adapted to interpret ancient manuscripts, for instance, or to...

  • November Virtual Seminar by Joshua L. Payne: an interview

    The hills and valleys of evolutionDuring the course of the 20th Century, the American population geneticist Sewall Wright was the first to depict evolution as landscapes...

  • June Virtual Seminar by Matt Robinson: an interview

    Predicting diseases, one step aheadOur health depends not only on the genes that Nature dealt us at birth, but also on the environment we evolve in and the kind of life we lead.

  • e-learning

    ISMARA: A tool to infer genome-wide regulatory interactions ISMARA is a resource developed at SIB that allows researchers to easily analyze their own or public expression data. In this e-learning course, you will learn what ISMARA does, its scope,...

  • Who can benefit

    For Scientists SIB courses are targeted to PhDs, postdocs, technicians and researchers, from the Swiss and international scientific community. SIB courses are mostly in a face-to-face format with an emphasis on practical learning, and several of...

  • Torsten Schwede - Thierry Sengstag's group

    What we do sciCORE is a center of competence in scientific computing located at the University of Basel. Over 240 research groups and facilities in the fields of bioinformatics, computational chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, and economics...

  • Marc Robinson-Rechavi & Frédéric Bastian's group

    What we do In the Evolutionary Bioinformatics Group, we are interested in animal genome evolution with a focus on questions arising from evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo). For this, we develop methods and databases to extract reliable...

  • Bernd Rinn's group

    What we do SIS is an interdisciplinary bioinformatics and scientific IT support group which builds up computational tools. These tools range from lab databases to reusable framework components that enable and support both data analysis and data...

  • Jérôme Goudet's group

    What we do Our group’s interest is focused on understanding how the interplay of population structure, trait architecture and selection can be disentangled. To this end, we use different approaches, from theory and the development of statistical...

  • Laurent Falquet's group

    What we do In the Bioinformatics Unravelling Group of the University of Fribourg (BUGFri), we support life science researchers by providing expertise in data analysis of next-generation sequencing experiments, or any large-scale biological...

  • Rémy Bruggmann's group

    What we do In the Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit of the University of Bern (IBU), we provide services and expertise to assist researchers of the three “Life-Science” Faculties and Insel hospital in data analysis and project planning for...

  • Bioinformatics capacity building in South Africa

    The development of expertise in bioinformatics and genomics among future African scientists is key for finding solutions to local health problems. However such training and courses often rely on powerful and complex infrastructure.

  • April Virtual Seminar by Sara Mitri: an interview

    From robots to microbes, a logical stepIf you have a deep understanding of how cells interact, then you can pilot these interactions to the benefit of the cells, the environment or even human health. Sara Mitri - SIB Group Leader at the Department...

  • Personalized Health Informatics

    Focus on the group’s mission The role of the Personalized Health Informatics Group (PHI) is to establish mechanisms enabling nationwide interoperability and responsible sharing of health-related data, in particular in the context of the Swiss...

  • Spotlight on the crucial role of bioinformatics in personalized health with two interviews

    At the occasion of SIB's 20th anniversary and of the recent launch of the SantéPerso initiative and platform, the role of bioinformatics in the personalized health context is in the spotlight, with two interviews.

  • February Virtual Seminar by Jérôme Goudet: an interview

    Simulating past demography: can it be done?Is it possible to infer the ancestral demography of a species from genetic data, based on its current genetic composition? "Yes," answers Jérôme Goudet, SIB Group Leader and associate professor in...

  • Congratulations to the first generation of SIB PhD fellows!

    With the recent graduation of a first promotion of SIB PhD fellows, a special event place took place on 6 March in Zurich to celebrate their work.

  • First Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in personalized molecular oncology

    The University Hospital of Basel is launching a CAS in personalized molecular oncology with the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the University Hospital of Lausanne. First of its kind in Switzerland, this training takes place at a key...

  • SIB held its first training course for clinical lab professionals

    On 28 September, the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics held its first course dedicated to clinicians and clinical laboratory professionals.This one-day course aimed at providing participants with a deepened knowledge, experience and...

  • Join us at ILMAC - 4-5 October, Lausanne

    ILMAC, a leading Swiss fair for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biotechnology is having its first event in Western Switzerland in October. SIB will be present to showcase its activities, with a special focus on its training offer for the private...

  • Taming the BEAST – A community teaching material resource for BEAST 2

    As the amount of sequencing data increases there is a growing demand for the skills and experience to confidently conduct phylogenetic and phylodynamic analyses. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from Prof. Stadler’s group launched an...

  • Focus on Clinical Bioinformatics: Bridging the gap between data science and medicine

    “Stick out your tongue and say... ‘omics’”.In addition to patients’ vital signs or eating habits, molecular profiling data is increasingly becoming part of the medical practitioners’ toolbox. But these ‘omics’ data pose novel challenges, for...

  • The Drug Design Workshop: tomorrow’s drugs at your fingertips

    Bringing medicinal chemistry and bioinformatics to the layman, by using a didactic online platform based on professional tools, is the goal of the Drug Design Workshop. Developed in 2015 by SIB researchers, together with training and outreach...

  • Training Group

    Focus on the group's mission The SIB Training Group coordinates the institute’s bioinformatics training and course offer. Throughout its activities, it ensures that the next generation of bioinformaticians and life scientists make the best of the...


  • First Steps with R in Life Sciences

    This 2-day course will introduce participants to R syntax, the Rstudio environment, and to the use of R to explore and interpret data.

  • Enrichment Analysis

    This 1 day course will cover Gene Set Enrichment Analysis to identify groups of genes, alternative enrichment tools, and also GO enrichment analysis.

  • Introduction to openBIS

    This 1-day course for scientists provides a general overview of openBIS, followed by a practical training session.