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  • Machine learning to accelerate discovery of antimalarial properties in plants

    A powerful predictive framework that can guide future research

  • Legal perspectives on Open Research Data in a biomedical context

    While Open Research Data (ORD) is widely considered as a core principle contributing to common knowledge, it raises complex legal issues in the field of sensitive and non-sensitive data alike.

  • Using data science to illuminate the causes of inflammation in arthritis

    SIB takes part in the international project ENDOTARGET launched this month.

  • Three SIB knowledge bases recognized as critical for life science worldwide

    A major step ensuring sustainability of Swiss-made biodata resources.

  • SIB resources supporting SARS-CoV-2 research

    SIB experts and resources are taking part in the global effort to develop dedicated data services, analysis tools and improve knowledge sharing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Andreas Ziegler's group

    What we do Cardio-CARE is involved in the pre-processing, quality control and data analysis of high throughput Omics data. Other core competencies include the planning, conduct, and analysis of clinical studies, such as randomized controlled...

  • SIB and Idiap start a partnership

    Bringing artificial intelligence and bioinformatics closer in Switzerland, Idiap and SIB signed a collaboration agreement. By becoming a partner institution of SIB, Idiap ensures its groups active in bioinformatics benefit from its national network...

  • "It is urgent that we talk about antibiotic resistance"

    Interview in Basler Zeitung – Life science special supplement (02.09.22), by Alexandra Bucher (edited for length and translated from German).

  • AI-powered extraction of biomedical relationships from the literature

    To understand and fight melanoma, it is essential to identify the genes involved in it. What if such information could be automatically retrieved and annotated from the vast research literature? In this in silico talk, SIB Group Leader Fabio...

  • Raphaëlle Luisier's group

    What we do The Genomics and Health Informatics (GHI) group aims to leverage the power of combined high-content sequencing, cellular imaging, and clinical data to address biological questions related to human disorders. Such questions include how...

  • The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN): solutions for researchers

    From biomedical project planning to health data recruitment, from data transfer and analysis to their reuse: discover how the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) initiative, a project of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and SIB, helps...

  • Predicting clinical antimicrobial resistance

    Could machine learning speed up the clinical identification of resistant microbes? Discover the database built by the team for that purpose, and the new method to retrieve even more information from MS data.

  • Discover SIB in five benefits for society

    Have you ever wondered how bioinformatics contributes to health and biodiversity? What is the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics – in simple words?

  • The quest for small-molecule cancer immunotherapeutics

    If you are working in computer-aided drug design, this in silico talk is for you: SIB Senior Research Scientist Ute Röhrig takes you on a journey to push the boundaries of knowledge around IDO1 and its role in immunotherapy resistance.

  • The national infrastructure to boost personalized health research is up and running

    Connecting researchers from across Switzerland with biomedical data to foster personalized health: this is the aim of the national secure computing network BioMedIT, set up by the SIB in collaboration with ETH Zurich and the University of Basel.

  • How genomic deletions and duplications affect our health

    While most of the human genome is the same across individuals, genomic mishaps such as deletions and duplications can reduce or increase the number of copies of specific genetic fragments. These mishaps are also known as copy-number variations or...

  • SIB is co-steering European efforts to foster open sharing of SARS-CoV-2 genomic data

    After setting up the Swiss SARS-CoV-2 data hub, SIB is now co-leading an international project to facilitate open sharing of viral genomic sequences in other countries. Through SIB, Switzerland will thus be sharing its experience setting up and...

  • One entry-point to query them all: the SPHN Federated Query System is online

    For the first time, biomedical researchers can assess the availability of consented datasets over all five university hospitals in Switzerland at once.

  • Global Alliance for Genomics and Health featured in Cell Genomics

    The latest special issue of the journal Cell Genomics features a collection of perspective, opinion, Q&A and technical papers dedicated to the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).

  • Switzerland establishes a national infrastructure to track COVID-19 and its variants

    Today, the delta variant of the virus dominates the Swiss landscape. This is only possible thanks to an unprecedented sequencing effort. At the heart of the process, a national infrastructure, co-led by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics,...

  • How to make biomedical research data able to interact?

    Swiss specialists in data semantics define the national strategy for the interoperability of research data to enable a strong policy of promoting personalised medicine.

  • Fast and automated interpretation of single-cell RNA-seq data

    If you are a researcher using single-cell transcriptomics to study immunology-related problems, you are probably on the lookout for a way to efficiently characterize cell states. This in silico talk presents a powerful tool (ProjecTILs) and...

  • Joining a European consortium to improve psoriatic arthritis diagnostic and treatment

    European research organisations, pharmaceutical companies, SME’s and patient organisations have joined forces as partners to develop innovative personalised treatment options for people affected by psoriatic arthritis. SIB is delivering core data...

  • New insights into the molecular paths leading to type 2 diabetes

    Thanks to a unique dataset from living donors, and innovative multi-omics analysis, an international research team led by investigators at the Paul-Langerhans-Institute Dresden (PLID), the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the...

  • Charlotte Ng's group

    What we do Tumors are molecularly diverse and each tumor is an evolutionary system on its own. The inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity influence the clinical and biological behavior of cancers and has important implications in tumor progression,...

  • Abdullah Kahraman's group

    What we do We are the Clinical Computational Biology group at the Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalytics, School for Life Sciences, FHNW. We offer bioinformatics support for various molecular diagnostic assays with a focus on comprehensive...

  • Accelerating global COVID-19 research with a Swiss SARS-CoV-2 Data Hub

    Over the past weeks and with the threat of emerging variants growing, pressing calls for an open sharing of SARS-CoV-2 sequencing data were issued by the scientific community. Such sharing would allow fast, representative and large-scale research...

  • How to track pandemic variants faster

    A global group of researchers is calling for better integration of viral genetics, bioinformatics, and public health to enable better pandemic response now and better pandemic preparedness in the future.

  • The viral genomics pipeline V-pipe under the spotlight

    From SARS-CoV-2 monitoring to HIV antiviral drug resistance detection, the SIB Resource V-pipe orchestrates several software packages to detect the genomic diversity of a virus population in a sample or individual. 

  • Marija Buljan's group

    What we do The group Multi-omics for healthcare materials focuses on deconvolution of disease-associated cellular signaling networks in order to inform precise imunoengineering solutions. Activities of the group are centered on generating and...

  • Inferring human genomes at a fraction of the current cost promises to boost biomedical research

    Thousands of genetic markers have already been robustly associated with complex human traits, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, obesity, or height. A new statistical method, developed by Olivier Delaneau’s group at the SIB, offers game-changing...

  • Join the [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2021

    [BC]2 is Switzerland's main event in the domain of Computational Biology, and one of the major events of its kind in Europe. The 2021 edition “Harnessing biological data: from molecular processes to human health” will be held on 13 – 15 September,...

  • Machine Learning in Swiss bioinformatics: applications and challenges

    How is machine learning and deep learning used across bioinformatics? Do all ML models necessarily need to be explainable? How can trust from end-users of ML powered applications be fostered?

  • Collaborating with Cellestia Biotech to launch new drug discovery program

    Cellestia Biotech is initiating a new drug discovery program focused on TFs. The programme, which addresses unmet medical needs in cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders (AIIDs), is launched in collaboration with Vincent Zoete

  • A key ingredient of Swiss precision oncology: SVIP-O goes live

    The Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform for Oncology (SVIP-O) was launched by SIB, ETH Zurich and HES-SO to offer a harmonized interpretation of cancer variants to clinicians. SVIP-O, now available in its first public version,

  • Discover the world of biomedicine with the new ChromosomeWalk.ch

    A new version of ChromosomeWalk offers a gateway to an entertaining ‘genome browser’, enriched with a new selection of stories on fascinating genes – in English, French and German – as well to the PrecisionMed website for an illustrated tour of...

  • The SPHN fact-sheet 2020 is out

    Find out about the current status of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) – a project of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) and SIB -, its perspectives and goals for the next funding period.

  • Meet the past SIB Awards Laureates – Eleonora Porcu

  • SIB becomes a partner of QCMD for quality assessment programmes

    SIB is a new bioinformatics partner of the QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics) organization. The partnership aims to enhance bioinformatics solutions for international molecular external quality assessments.

  • 10 years of Human Proteome Project with neXtProt as reference database

    The Human Proteome Project (HPP) of the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) is ten years old. Its mission? To generate the map of the protein-based molecular architecture of the human body.

  • Frédéric Schütz's group

    What we do The Biostatistics platform of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at UNIL acts as a main entry point for questions related to biostatistics and data analysis. The platform delivers services which cover the entire scientific process...

  • ENYO Pharma SA and SIB make human protein interaction data publicly available

    The SIB CALIPHO Group and ENYO Pharma SA worked hand-in-hand in a transnational public-private partnership (PPP) to make human protein interaction data publicly available and FAIR, through the SIB Resource neXtProt.

  • Addex and SIB receive Innosuisse grant to repurpose potent dopamine antagonist

    Addex Therapeutics and SIB have been awarded a CHF600K Innosuisse grant to apply computational approaches developed by SIB to identify new therapeutic indications for a potent and selective dopamine D1 receptor antagonist.

  • How SIB is securing sensitive data for health-related research

    As part of its infrastructure activities, SIB is in charge of BioMedIT, a secure and cutting-edge IT network across Switzerland, designed to support biomedical research and clinical bioinformatics.

  • New development in the cancer diagnostics platform used at the HUG

    In its latest version, the cancer diagnostics platform developed jointly by the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and SIB offers key additional molecular insights.

  • Vital-IT

    Focus on the group's mission The Vital-IT team provides bioinformatics collaborative support to life science projects in Switzerland and abroad through collaborations with academic and industry partners. Thanks to its diverse expertise in...

  • Vital-IT: Key activities

    Data management We organize, clean & control the quality of your datasets for subsequent analysis. In addition, we can process, transform and align your datasets to existing standards and make them available as a database. We can propose...

  • Bringing AI to image analytics in cancer diagnosis

    SIB, Lunaphore and the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) are collaborating to enable precision cancer medicine. As part of an Innosuisse project, they aim to develop an integrative solution for the phenotypic analysis of tumors powered by automated...

  • Joining forces to develop new approaches to cancer immunotherapy

    Interdisciplinarity: UNIL, CHUV, EPFL and SIB join forces to develop new approaches to cancer immunotherapy

  • An open resource to find most accurate DNA binding motifs

    A benchmarking study of models predicting the location and sequence of transcription factor binding sites has been undertaken by an international team led by researchers at SIB, EPFL and the Russian Academy of Sciences.