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  • Towards a national curriculum for life science Data Stewards

    SIB has joined forces with the University of Lausanne and several Swiss institutions to launch a new project to foster training and a national curriculum for Data Stewards, and is in charge of the life science part.

  • SIB catalyzes Open Research Data practices in Switzerland

    Several ORD projects led by or involving SIB Members have been awarded funding by swissuniversties.

  • The SwissBioData ecosystem gains further traction

    The vision to enable biological Open Research Data in Switzerland just onboarded new key partners.

  • Adding cell images from SwissBiopics to your resource: why and how

    Discover a library of interactive cell images for the visualization of subcellular location data.

  • Top score for the SwissBioData ecosystem proposal in scientific evaluation

    The aim of the SwissBiodata ecosystem (SBDe) is to boost Switzerland’s capacity to convert research data into knowledge and innovation. Led by SIB, the University of Bern, and 15 other Swiss institutions, the proposal has been submitted to the...

  • Data Stewardship at SIB: leading the way to Open Research Data

    Organizing biological and biomedical data for sharing and reuse – the ambition of Open Research Data – is at the core of SIB’s activities. From coordinating data in pan-European health projects according to the FAIR principles, to teaching life...

  • Swiss-Prot

    Focus on the group's mission The Swiss-Prot team excels in the art of generating machine-readable knowledge of biology from the ever growing body of scientific publications. It is harnessing the power of deep learning to accelerate literature...

  • Cellosaurus and Rhea join the portfolio of ELIXIR Core Data Resources

    Two further resources developed by SIB Groups have been designated as of crucial importance for life sciences, as a result of the latest edition of the selection process led by ELIXIR at the European level: Cellosaurus and Rhea.

  • 10 years of Human Proteome Project with neXtProt as reference database

    The Human Proteome Project (HPP) of the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) is ten years old. Its mission? To generate the map of the protein-based molecular architecture of the human body.

  • ENYO Pharma SA and SIB make human protein interaction data publicly available

    The SIB CALIPHO Group and ENYO Pharma SA worked hand-in-hand in a transnational public-private partnership (PPP) to make human protein interaction data publicly available and FAIR, through the SIB Resource neXtProt.

  • Global Biodata Coalition: a champion for essential biological databases

    The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC), an international coalition of research funders to better coordinate approaches for the efficient funding, management and growth of biodata resources worldwide has been created. Its set-up is co-piloted by SIB.

  • From Open Data to Open Knowledge: a video!

    Discover, in a short video clip, SIB’s vision on Open Data, one of the many facets of Open Science – the movement to make scientific research and its dissemination accessible to all levels of the society.

  • “Our expertise is a Swiss speciality”

    SIB Director Christine Durinx was interviewed by L’AGEFI, a Swiss daily newspaper focused on economics, finance and politics.

  • SIB is leveraging its biocuration expertise for health projects

    Last week, we announced a series of communications highlighting SIB’s development axes for the years to come. Leveraging the biocuration expertise of the Institute in the context of personalized health is one of them...

  • Our latest video: ‘Swiss Bioinformatics: more than data’

    Discover the spirit behind Switzerland’s vibrant community of scientists dedicated to making sense out of biological data...

  • SIB Days 2018: Swiss Bioinformatics connected

    Hundreds of SIB Members from across Switzerland came to Biel/Bienne on 26 June to attend the SIB Days – our 2-day internal conference and a unique opportunity for the bioinformatics community to connect.

  • Christian von Mering's group

    What we do In the Bioinformatics / Systems Biology Group, we study the dynamics of entire biological systems, both at evolutionary time-scales and at shorter time-scales – down to a few minutes. We often work in close collaboration with laboratory...

  • Marc Robinson-Rechavi & Frédéric Bastian's group

    What we do In the Evolutionary Bioinformatics Group, we are interested in animal genome evolution with a focus on questions arising from evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo). For this, we develop methods and databases to extract reliable...

  • Fabio Rinaldi's group

    What we do We specialize in Information Extraction from biomedically relevant textual sources, such as the scientific literature, clinical records, or social media. We focus in particular on the extraction of domain-specific entities (such as...

  • Philipp Bucher's group

    Our focus In the Computational Cancer Genomics Group, we are interested in gene regulation in both healthy and diseased cells. Breakthroughs in genomics technologies have led to the production of large volumes of data that could potentially tell...

  • Amos Bairoch - Lydie Lane's group

    What we do We aim to use a combination of bioinformatics and experimental methodologies to increase knowledge about the function of the 20,000 protein-coding genes in the human genome. Our main mission is the development of neXtProt, a human...

  • Michael Baudis's group

    What we do The Computational Oncogenomics Group works on the computational analysis of structural genome variations in cancer, centred around our arrayMap and Progenetix resources of curated molecular-cytogenetic and sequencing data.Specific...

  • Encouraging knowledge reuse to foster innovation

    Being able to redistribute or reuse parts of scientific knowledge, such as information encoded in biological databases, is an essential driver of innovation. Today, UniProt adopts the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license to encourage the creation of...

  • How best to fund knowledgebases? An ELIXIR webinar

    To ensure the preservation of life science knowledge on the long term, innovative funding models for knowledgebases such as UniProt must be found. SIB conducted a study addressing this very topic...

  • SIB, the movie - Swiss bioinformatics in action

    Bioinformatics is now essential to life science. But what is this discipline about? And who are the people behind it?

  • SIB study on how best to fund knowledgebases - author and reviewer in conversation

    The recent study addressing funding concerns for knowledgebases, conducted by SIB and supported by ELIXIR, is the focus of an F1000 Research blog.

  • A sustainable funding model for core data resources in the life sciences

    A recent study by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and supported by ELIXIR compares existing funding models and identifies a candidate scheme, according to which the costs of core data resources worldwide could be covered by using less...

  • Outcome of SPHN first project call: a focus on SIB-led projects

    The National Steering Board of SPHN has recently approved the 15 projects that will help develop the infrastructure required to make health-related data interoperable and shareable across Switzerland.

  • SIB co-founder Amos Bairoch distinguished for his outstanding contribution to biomolecular technologies

    Amos Bairoch, co-founder of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Group Leader of the CALIPHO group, is the 2018 awardee for Outstanding Contributions to Biomolecular Technologies of the prestigious Association of Biomolecular Resource...

  • SIB’s Swiss-Prot Group co-director Alan Bridge on the future of biocuration

    As announced in May, Alan Bridge is taking up the co-director role of SIB’s Swiss-Prot Group, thus succeeding to Lydie Bougueleret. He gives us his vision of the future for a unique profession, biocuration, and for the Swiss-Prot Group, one of its...

  • Two new SIB bioinformatics resources for viruses and lipids

    V-Pipe – an emerging tool to help virus genomics investigations –, and SwissLipids – a comprehensive knowledgebase of lipids – recently joined the ranks of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics resources. They are filling important gaps in the...

  • Expert curation is sustainable: the example of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

    Manual expert curation of the leading protein information resource is coping well with the ever-growing biomedical literature, a recent study shows. 

  • Two SIB knowledge bases deemed essential for the life sciences

    At the end of a stringent selection process led by ELIXIR at European level, two core data resources of SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics have been singled out as of crucial importance for life sciences

  • SIB is part of a global coalition to sustain core data resources

    The advancement of science, medicine and the society as a whole depends on crucial data resources, such as DNA sequence repositories or protein knowledgebases.However the clock is ticking for most of these resources, as only a fraction benefit from...