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  • Three SIB knowledge bases recognized as critical for life science worldwide

    A major step ensuring sustainability of Swiss-made biodata resources.

  • Christian von Mering's group

    What we do In the Bioinformatics / Systems Biology Group, we study the dynamics of entire biological systems, both at evolutionary time-scales and at shorter time-scales – down to a few minutes. We often work in close collaboration with laboratory...

  • STRING-database overall best-performing network resource according to a Californian study

    With over 20,000 protein-coding genes in humans, discovering those that are linked to a given disease amounts to finding a molecular needle in a haystack.

  • Two SIB knowledge bases deemed essential for the life sciences

    At the end of a stringent selection process led by ELIXIR at European level, two core data resources of SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics have been singled out as of crucial importance for life sciences

  • SIB Resources

    Identifying and supporting SIB Resources Every four years, the Institute’s External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides recommendations on the portfolio of SIB-supported Resources. By taking into account competitive criteria – such as the...