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  • Discover the newest resources in SIB’s infrastructure portfolio for the life sciences

    SIB’s mission, as per its mandate from the Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, is to be a provider of long-term, high-impact infrastructure for the life sciences and the biomedical world.

  • A shortcut to the genetics of molecular circadian rhythm

    Do you usually wake up feeling rested but not hungry? It may be the sign of a particularly large meal the evening before – or simply reflect the difference in circadian rhythm between your gut and brain.

  • Bart Deplancke's group

    What we do In the Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics (LSBG), we use high-throughput sequencing, single cell genomics, microfluidics, and computational approaches: to decipher the regulatory code in Drosophila and mammals with a specific...

  • The 16 genetic markers that can cut a life story short

    The answer to how long each of us will live is partly encoded in our genome. Researchers have identified 16 genetic markers associated with a decreased lifespan, including 14 new to science.

  • SIB Resources

    Identifying and supporting SIB Resources Every four years, the Institute’s External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides recommendations on the portfolio of SIB-supported Resources. By taking into account competitive criteria – such as the...